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Insta-lock™ Interlocking Ferrule

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Materials: 304# Stainless Steel / Plated Carbon Steel 

Part Number System:  

  • FRSS200244 or FRCS200244
  • FR = Ferrule; SS = Stainless Steel; CS = Plated Carbon Steel
  • First 3 digits = Inside Diameter of Hose
  • Fourth digit = Inside Diameter of Ferrule in inches
  • Fifth & Sixth digits = Inside Diameter of Ferrule in 64ths of an inch

Stainless SteelPlated Carbon Steel
 FRSS100128 FRSS200236 FRSS300336 FRCS150212
 FRSS100132 FRSS200240 FRSS300340 FRCS150216
 FRSS100136 FRSS200244 FRSS300344  
 FRSS100140 FRSS200248 FRSS3003482"FRCS200232
 FRSS200252 FRSS300352 FRCS200236  
1-1⁄4"FRSS125144 FRSS200256 FRSS300356 FRCS200240
 FRSS125148 FRSS200260 FRSS300360 FRCS200244
 FRSS125152 FRSS300400 FRCS200248  
 FRSS1251562-1⁄2"FRSS250256 FRSS300404  
1-1⁄2"FRSS150156 FRSS250300 FRSS400440 FRCS300340
 FRSS150160 FRSS250304 FRSS400444 FRCS300344
 FRSS150200 FRSS250308 FRSS400448 FRCS300348
 FRSS150204 FRSS250312 FRSS400452  
 FRSS150208 FRSS250316 FRSS4004564"FRCS400444
 FRSS150212 FRSS250320 FRSS400460 FRCS400448
 FRSS150216 FRSS250324 FRSS400500 FRCS400452
 FRSS150220   FRSS400504