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Elite® by Continental Timing Belt Kit

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Our most basic, value-priced kit offering. With components for all makes and models, this kit covers more than 50 million vehicles on the road today.


  • Includes: OE quality timing belt, tensioners and idlers 
  • More than 220 kits cover nearly 3,400 applications


When to use this kit:   

Mechanic water pump preference 

When you or your installer have a water pump preference – use the Elite kit without a pump for trusted timing belt parts. 

No need for a water pump 

There’s no reason to change parts that are running well. You can use this standard kit for more basic levels of service and maintenance. 

Older vehicle maintenance 

If a vehicle is approaching the end of its life, why have your customer spend more than necessary? This standard kit is exactly what you need to help customers get the quality repair they need without over spending.

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