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Elite® by Continental Pro Series Plus Timing Belt Kit

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(actual OE Parts) Developed with actual OE components, the Pro Series Plus Kit also includes camshaft and balance shaft seals to service your customers’ vehicles. A best-in-class guarantee makes this kit a comparable dealer alternative. 


  • Includes: Timing belt, tensioners, idlers,   water pump, cam seals, balance shaft seals,   OE components and full guarantee
  • More than 135 kits cover nearly 1,600   applications


When to use this kit: 

Midrange-to-luxury vehicles where the water pump is driven by a timing belt 

  • If the water pump is driven by a timing belt, it’s important to replace both parts at the same time.    System replacement requires only the removal of few extra bolts, but it will give you – and your  customers – the confidence that the repair is complete. 


Requirement of service guarantee  

Just like OE’s, Elite Pro Series Timing Belt Kits are covered for the replacement interval of the belt.* It’s our commitment to customers, and it reflects the highest quality of the products we offer. This is a guarantee rivaling many dealership programs, allowing you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

*Replacement guarantee equal to the original vehicle manufacturer’s recommended replacement interval up to 100,000 miles. Amount of coverage varies by vehicle make, model and year. See coverage details in product package.  


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